This week I’m in Scotland in a small costal town called Largs, working during the day and off to the Commonwealth Fencing Championships 2014 in the evening.


Yesterday was Men’s Epee and Women’s Sabre and to my amazement one of the British Women is a fencer I see occasionally at Chilwell, unfortunately she did not get to the last 8. Today was Mens Sabre and Women’s Foil and both were great to see.

Seeing any sport with the top athletes around is special and fencing is no different.


The speed and skill of the fencers is incredible, but what is clear is that what goes on in a fencers head determines the outcome, the body language has been fascinating. Today one woman was clearly beaten by what was going on in her head not by her opponent, over the last 2 days what has struck me is how vital the mental game is.

It was not really my plan to shoot whilst I was here, but I would only regret it if I didn’t – well that’s what I tell myself! The day to day images I see of fencing are either crisp and pin sharp or black and white, thats just not me – so here are a few images of the fastest sport on earth shot with urgency, speed, power – and all the passion of winning!