Every time I want to break my journey to the Western or Northern Isles I stop at Moffat, I have been doing so for well over 10 yeas now. Moffat is in the heart of the ‘Scottish Lowlands’ it has all the beauty of the surrounding mountains but without the harshness of the raw rocks of the Highlands.

There is so much there in this spa town and the original spa can be easily found at the top of Well Road,


Every year for the last 18 years there has been a vintage car rally in the town often at the weekend I have been staying there, it’s a 2 day event, the first day being a ‘Rally’ going round the town and local area the second day is a huge gathring of vehicles on a local show ground. This year rather than head home or off to ‘The Grey Mare’s Tail’ where you find Loch Skeen at the top – that is one of the most beautiful places I can think of anywhere, I went to the showground for day 2.

This year the rally was simply a pleasure, the worrying thing is that my parents owned some of the cars there, as did my aunt and other friends and relatives and I even went to school in a few!

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It was a wet morning initially, however the sun came out and whilst the cars looked pristine in the wet in the dry the chamois leathers came out many returned to concourse condition, I should add the value of many of these cars that were sitting in a muddy field is astronomical.