In my view the world wanders around looking at it’s feet, there are so many examples, looking but not seeing, listening but not hearing.

How many people do you know who walk around and look upward? My guess is very few, a few days ago whilst I was sat at my desk in the studio something told me to get up and go and look outside and this is what I saw.


I was on my own in the street almost flat on my back on the steps of the studio looking up seeing something that nobody else was seeing, I was so excited, it is a very simple pleasure, and it relied on one thing….just keeping my eyes open.

Today a few days later I got in to the studio on a Saturday at 8 am and I was greeted with this (below) my jaw was on the floor, it was incredible. My studio building was lit in the morning sun and it was reflecting in the large windows of the Lace Mill opposite, the view was entirely dependent on the early morning light lighting my building but still leaving enough to depict the lace making loom, giving the connection between the two buildings. Some days images make themselves.


I think it is also right to draw your attention to the beauty of Victorian architecture, a simple brick structure giving the foundations for a pattern, and that was not wasted on Victorian architects. The choice of bricks, the regularity of the structures and the added embellishing details produce some incredible buildings. For those who look but don’t see it is another redbrick building… but for those who have their eyes open it may just bring something exciting to add to your day.