If I said ‘The Olympics’ to you what would go through your mind? London, definitely, Rio probably – but Tokyo?.

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For one group of people say ‘The Olympics’ and their thoughts are of the games in Tokyo in 2020. These are the young athletes upon whom our Olympic future hopes rely – already born, early in their sporting careers and proving to be huge talents many are already on 4 year training programmes, this includes world championships, other significant competitions and then Tokyo 2020.

A few days ago I was privileged to work with one such youngster Elissa Mae Bradford,  at 14 years old she is already competing successfully at a high level and is on the British Cycling Olympic Development Apprentice Programme.

From here its her talent, hard work and coaching plus one other requirement; funding that will get her to the podium in Tokyo. Elissa Mae is seeking funding to get to the World Championships this year as part of her route to the Olympics.


BMX like snowboarding is at the cutting edge of the fusion of youth, street fashion and sports culture, as a sport the risks are real, BMX is fast and energetic and someone who you would think is a demure school girl by day, even at 14 years old is  in reality a cross between a  hard working committed athlete and daredevil!  If you want access to all these brand values BMX is the place to be seen.

To support Elissa

For sponsorship  contact  Ellisa  through her parents via facebook    http://www.on.fb.me/1QnEiO1

For individaul contributions go to her just giving page  http://www.bit.ly/1OHmg7e