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A few days ago I was in Central London heading back to Embankment station, what drew my eye was the red frontage of the now closed  Strand Station on the Piccadilly Line, following it round the corner  I saw more frontage on Surrey Street.


As I went down the hill I saw a sign to a ‘Roman Bath’,    and this was given further credibility by being under the National Trust banner, of course I was curious and headed through the arch,  between the buildings and down the steep steps.

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Turning right (as the signs directed) I saw a notice board giving opening hours and instructions to observe the bath through the adjacent  window.

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There  is a brick lined bath full of water, that is fed by and underground spring, however this is the only piece of factual information you can rely on, in reality it’s unlikely to be Roman,  and more likely to be either 16th or 17th century  depending on what theory you believe.

What was very cool was the view up the steps with the mid air walkways joining the 2 buildings above the passage I had walked through a few minutes earlier.

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