When I first saw Not’s work I could not help but consider it against Henry Moore as my reference,  and you can see similar sensitivities.

I was fortunate to go to a talk by the artist at YSP supporting his current show  and it was fascinating,   the talk was almost entirely about his ‘houses’  that is far more a structure that is relevant to the land and people where it is located.

The impression I got was the sculptures  whilst important are not the key to the artist,  but the ‘houses’ land art and other structures are, as are his relationships with the people he works and collaborates with.

It is hard to understand the houses unless you see them, you  only get a taste of them (along with the bridges and platforms) through the  current show, however with Not there to guide you through them (he is building or has built on every continent in the world) it is eye opening.

The sculpture is stunning using techniques no longer found in Europe Not has to get them made in the Far East.

In the way that Moore looked at elephants bones Vital has produced a stunning sculpture of the bones of a camels pelvis in steel.   When you look at it directly you see what it is, however as you move round it you start to see two connected  separate entities,   who become dancers intertwined , as you move further round you see the frailty of two people supporting each other, however they arrived at that frailty.



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