On the first weekend of December there is always a Christmas Fair at Nottingham Contemporary, in my view the gallery  is usually on the obscure end of the scale, much of the work is so highly codified it is almost inaccessible and that of course makes me wonder if  much of it has any merit.

The work by Alfred Kubin in one of their early shows was superb, and at the moment in the work of Marguerite Humeau (a French Artist living in London) they have another stunning show.  The show FOXP2  aims to portray the emergence of sentient life.

It works on the notion that elephants rather than man became the beings that mastered language,  the centre of the show is a matriarch in her death throws, her passage towards death triggers the evolution of others in their various states.

What’s great about this show is the way it works with all the senses, much of the sound is synthesised through a beatbox, in addition there are 2 configurations of room lighting, one being showroom like,  the second following the evolution process from each elephant manifestation.

This is a complex show, the stunning sculpture works on many levels, it is one of those shows that the beauty of the sculptures  initially draws you in, then the other dysfunctional elements start to ask questions so  that you want to find out more about the artist and what they want to say. If you have been looking for a reason to visit Nottingham Contemporary and see something worth seeing now is the time.