Over the Bank Holiday Weekend I met one of my closest friends at YSP – it’s a regular haunt of ours, we get to see the latest show and with such a good restaurant we spend ages catching up with what’s important in each others worlds.


Rather than tell you family stories let me tell you about the visit to see the new Tony Cragg show, it was one of 2 in the space of a few days. The second was to hear Tony talk about his work, his lecture was mind blowing it was in effect the 40th anniversary lecture of Tony’s departure to live and work in Germany and the 40th anniversary of the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Tony did one of those remarkable things and delivered a lecture lasting almost an hour without a power point slide, an illustration, or any other visual material, yet he held the audience in the palm of his hand hanging onto every word for the entire lecture. It was one of the most detailed and complex lectures I’ve ever heard, every line of reason and argument sat tightly against every other.

Fortunately it was videoed and will appear on YSP’s youtube channel so I can see it again and revisit his lines of thinking and fully understand the depth of his lecture. Every aspect of life right down to it’s molecular structure it was argued was sculpture and in such a complete way it got into how metaphysically sculpture exists.


The work is stunning, the thought that has gone in to the outdoor show is incredible, what is so apparent is how the outdoor work relates both to itself and to the landscape as if it was meant to be there.

I need to revisit my notes, see the work again and hopefully see the lecture again, there is still so much there to understand.