Bales and an Old Railway Line


It would appear that my blog sporadically deals with a remarkably narrow range of subjects,  this time I have been out walking as I have done most of the winter,  again this blog is about my walk.

With the change in the clocks and a warm spring day I was out walking as usual.  I have long taken an interest in the old railway lines near where I live, they are fascinating both from the stories could tell and the remarkable number of apple trees that line the route.  No doubt the result of drivers, firemen (and possibly guards) throwing apple cores off the foot plate, not giving a thought to what may result, now many years later these mature trees line what was the route of the track and bear fruit every year.

Some tracks are no more than a shallow tree lined trough in the ground where a track and bank used be,  in one a farmer has put bales and debris to block the former route, now overgrown the bales are degrading and producing a fascinating landscape.