20180410_213009The last time the Vaccines played Nottingham was in 2015 – I think, I’m guessing  it was  with the release of  ‘English Graffiti’  and whilst I could have gone, despite wanting to I didn’t – I must have seriously lost plot at the time!

Now with the release of ‘Combat Sports’ they are back on the road again with a long tour taking in the UK and Europe and including headlining Reading and Leeds.  I did wonder why they were back at Rock City rather than the Arena, but hey,  I know Rock City and some things you only question momentarily!

Doors opened at 7.00 and the band were on at about 9.00, the set was simple with 4 huge film lights and a massive glitter ball, and no fuss and no frills. Plus of course huge batteries of lights and smoke machines to the sides.

20180410_215400Coming on to Abba’s Waterloo, with the exception of a few minutes when they went off (to solicit an encore) they played solidly for 80 minutes.  It really was as simple as if you knew it they played it including parts of Combat Sports. Unlike other bands who have changed as they have developed new audiences the Vaccines have stayed true to where  they started and what they are great at. They put on a show and then some,  in answer to my initial question why Rock City again – you just couldn’t do it any other  way!

At a relentless pace it was fun, it was loud and it was brilliant, best party ever!  and the best thing I’ve seen at Rock City for years and I must have been going for the last 25-30!