This years Dot to Dot was not on the scale of last years, 44 venues had been reduced to 16 however the quality was still there. As is typical of Dot to Dot the best bands are not necessarily when or where you expect to find them.

Personally I always look at what’s on at 3 pm on the Rock City main stage, there is often a surprise. This year it was G Flip, a young drummer from Melbourne (Australia) who writes her music in her bedroom was here on her 2nd gig, she was awesome, it was a superb set, at one point the whole band was on percussion with 2 on drums, it was something special, a talented and creative young artist.

Late afternoon by chance I dropped into Stealth – you don’t normally expect it to be packed at 4pm, but with Haiku Hands on stage it was, they mix music and their art and the result is sublime, technically brilliant and full of attitude they are a must see band – and allot of people clearly knew this! This time more than in the past it was obvious that many of the festival goers knew who they wanted to see and got there early.


With so much great music hidden away in places and on early you had to be on the ball not to miss Jimi Mack, Swimming Girls, Our Girl and Kolars.

Last year I was critical of Sundara Karma who headlined – this year’s headline was the Horrors, well they lived up to the name, why at a festival for new bands do you have a headliner who made it 10 years ago and have done little since is beyond me, yet again the organisers dropped the ball with the headline act. The best way to view the Horrors is as the fill in band between 2 great bands before and after in the Rock City Basement.

The ‘Before’ was The Nectars who were fab, somewhere between Rock and Punk, full of energy they lifted the packed venue, this was their last date before returning home to New York, having just dropped their first album days ago they left on a high – and this is one defintey to buy. The ‘After’ was The Regrettes, from LA they packed the place and were awesome, they got to the final number and the opening drums I knew, but did not believe – Ballroom Blitz by the Sweet from 1974 – just so good in so many ways!!


Just as last year there were lots of great acts at Dot to Dot this year, look in all the interesting places, avoid the headliners and you’ll find some great bands, and some real treats who may not otherwise be here.