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I’m a fan of Dot to Dot, I’ve seen some great bands there, Bastille, The 1975, Slaves and of course the superb Kyla la Grange, but in it’s 10th anniversary year it did not quite have the same edge, and from a feet on the ground perspective there also seemed to be fewer people.

 Joy Mountford 1000

In the past there has been both width and depth in the tallent on stage, there seemed to be alot of local bands this year, I did wonder if everyone had cleared off to Radio 1’s Big Weekend, last year Indiana played both festivals missing out a Nottingham show and this year Laurel also did.

There were some talented people here and people who have had Radio 1 and BBC 6music airplay, but you had to go looking, and as one girl said to me ‘they all sound the same’ and she was 20+ years younger than me. There seemed to be a huge amount of synth driven pop with men dancing in near slow motion …….. either it is back on trend or I was just unlucky!

20150524_161329 Tvvins 1000

But the Rescue Rooms lived up to their name, with 2 stages backing onto each other (separated by a door) I was able to go from band to band as they completed their sets. At one point I went from Tvvins to Amy Studt to Laurel to Daisy Victoria and Oscar to Tei Shi in quick succession, this was good, the energy of Tvvins was a breath of fresh air and Laurel – well I swear she’s a model I know pursuing her other skills. Oscar’s was a warm friendly and popular show, I think Tei Shi is good, you need to take the time to get into her work, she is doing something good, in a year she could be somewhere very interesting.

20150524_172127 Laurel 1000

Before that the first on my list of people to see was Joy Mumford who performed with one guitar, really stripped back, that was a good set and she has a great voice.

I did have a bit of inside knowledge, I saw RagnBone Man supporting Bastille and he was on the Rock City Basement stage in the slot before Saint Raymond headlined main venue next door. I know RagnBone Man’s set was the place to be, this guy is good very bluesy almost soul, a wonderful combination and he did not disappoint.

20150524_212224 RagNBone

Just to see what it was like I went next door to see Saint Raymond headline the festival, I was surprised I could still get in, more so that I could get a space on the balcony right at the front minutes before the gig started. He’s got something, but not what Bastille and The 1975 have who I’ve seen on the same stage, at comparable points in their careers.

I started out by saying it was good in parts, having listened back to some of the acts on Soundcloud, good in parts is fair, but it has been better and lets hope it is in 2016.

Ilkeston has a Charter Fair each October, and whilst my plan was not to go and take pictures, once in the area, and realising I could find somewhere to park  how could I not  go and shoot it. I did have plans to do something else with the images, but to be honest they stand on their own merits so here they are.

If I was honest with myself I was always wanting to go and shoot it, but really should have been doing other things less fun!