Well if the new Henry Moore that opened there a few weeks ago is anything to go by, it is!!  This exhibition rivals the Miro from a couple of seasons ago in terms of it’s breadth and quality and  must be one of the best shows about anywhere in the UK right now.


I have always been fascinated by Moore’s work, ‘Back to a Land’ focuses on his large sculptures and looks to explain what he was interested in and how he arrived at the work he did.


There are 3 galleries plus the extra room at the end (if you’ve been before you’ll know!) – you have to go in though gallery 1 and make the choice to then go in to 2 or 3. In my view they have got this bit of the show wrong. The key to unlocking Moore’s work is in gallery 2, find the drawings of pebbles and bones and the 2 mother and child sculptures separated by about 25 years and Moore’s thinking will neatly and tidily unfold for you and everything else will explain itself with a clarity. With this understanding everything else will be a delight – and it is a great show.


There is very little of his work in the tunnels (a finished drawing and a preliminary drawing) that is a shame. What you must not miss are the drawings of Stonehenge from 1973-4, these are the most sensitive drawings of stone I have ever seen. The feeling for the stones, his feeling for stone and the feeling for people has given the stones a life that jumps off the walls, I have not seen anything like them they are breath taking, you almost know them as you know people you can name.


In addition to the exhibition don’t forget that there are a number of pieces of Moore’s work in the permanent collection so there are more pieces to see than those in the current show.