Blog 4

Most people look straight ahead at what’s coming next, occasionally looking up but rarely looking down. On Friday I was in London for meetings, however towards the end of the day I did get chance to go to Tate Modern to see the incredible show ‘Alibis’ by Sigmar Polke. It is a fascinating exhibition, I took about 3 hours to go round the 14 rooms, I could easily have taken 6 – there is so much there I came away having been overwhelmed by the scope and scale of this retrospective.

Blog 3

There are a number of ways to get to Tate Modern, my usual route is to go to St. Pauls on the Central Line and walk over the Millennium Bridge. As I was walking I kept noticing little flashes of colour, and looking more closely I found numerous tiny artworks painted into the treads of the bridge. Some only 2-3 cm in length, a few are a bit larger possibly 5 or 6 cm and all in fantastic detail.

Next time you head over the Millennium Bridge don’t forget to look down you may be surprised at what you may see.

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