This weekend started on Thursday, it was not the plan however a professional networking event in London was the start. I planned to stay overnight and the following morning made the short journey to the National Gallery, the plan was to see the Monochrome Exhibition and that I did.


It was a diverse and interesting show, particularly showing how artists would start with a painting, produce an intermediate monochrome print before going onto produce etched prints, interestingly the two in the show were in mirror (reversed). This way they could produce a product to sell at a comparatively low cost compared to the original painting.


Whilst there it was fascinating to look the portraits and how the various artists had handled light, there were a couple of other shows, and it was such a pleasure to wander round a small show of Degas work that was one of the best things there, I do like his work and the delicate was he handles light.


At the end of it all it was back home to the Midlands and over the weekend I have enjoyed the countryside and the lovely light late in the day. On Saturday I was out in the sunshine with a Polaroid camera, on Sunday I was out with an old friend – a tiny little compact digital camera, pocket sized. It was lovely weather and on occasions it really is just the simple things that is all one needs.